Friday, October 10, 2008

Signs You're Winning an Election

#347: The Opposition Goes Bat-Shit.

Examples from our local winger corps:

This is the sorry state of the Republican base, and reality hasn't touched these folks for many a moon.

George Bush's legacy, in all it's glory.


  1. Vote08, The blog for undecided voters? Now that is priceless humor. My guess is, whoever's running that blog is on someone's payroll.

    "Lady Logician." She hasn't used any logic that I've seen, and by the tone of her posts, I'm not sure you could call her a "lady." Of course, there are those who doubt whether or not I'm actually a real Jedi. ;)

  2. Jason dear if my post (and Victoria's comment therein) are indications that we are racist then your comment about ambitious white women being dangerous are sexist!

    Good work my man.


  3. Apparently sarcasm eludes you as much as logical conclusions do.

    The assertion in the post is that what you write on your blog is just as ridiculous as what misogynists were fond of writing about Clinton.

    Subtle racism is still racism, LL.