Monday, October 27, 2008

Tribune Thumbs Nose at Mr. Tent Cities

Congrats, Bennion.

Very well written. Guess it would've looked unprofessional to just write: Jason Chaffetz is crrrrrazy!

Which he is.

UPDATE: Interesting comment left here. Someone got dirt on Tent City boy?


  1. It is pretty low to base your entire campaign on trying to smear someone’s good name.

    Is that all the democrat candidate is getting for his $6000 of political consulting? Somehow I would doubt that he would knowingly support this kind of trash.

    I am sure Bennion is a good person, but what is with the back biting rumors that have no foundation of truth?

  2. Isn't it a bit ironic to bitch about back-biting rumors by posting back biting rumors?

    What's Chaffetz paying you hacks to shill for him on the blogs?

    Also, your comment really had nothing to do with this post.

  3. Those that are blasting Jason Chaffetz, should not be, as he is a voice of reason and is not promoting the ideas he is accused of.

    There are supporters of both sides that are much more restrictive than Jason Chaffetz is.

    Jason is more a voice of reason compared to:

    There are people that want to round up all 12 million illegals, and are mad that Jason DOESN'T want to do that. Jason only wanted facilities where the government wouldn't have to catch and release felons. There are 600,000 they have let go. We wouldn't have to build facilities for that many, as we just need a temporary facility for convicted criminals, to be held prior to deportation.

    There are people that don't want anyone new moving in, where Jason wants to fix LEGAL immigration so it doesn't take so long to legally come here.

    There are people that think providing any temporary worker visa is wrong, where Jason agrees it is a great way to bring people out of the shadows, get rid of the fake IDs, but this in NO WAY provides a pathway to citizenship in front of those wanting to immigrate who have followed the rules.

  4. Tent cities.

    That's all I have to say.

    Chaffetz is a wingnut, not a conservative.

  5. Actually, the only person who ever said "tent city" was Bennion Spencer. There's no way he can overcome a 35 point deficit in 5 days. Oh, and anonymous - Chaffetz has 100% volunteers on his "staff", including his campaign manager. No one gets paid except for the satisfaction of knowing we are helping get a good man elected, one who is not afraid to take a stand on the issues and stand firm, even in the face of name-calling.

  6. Ah, for Jason... getting all name called and stuff...

    I really don't think we've seen such whiny comments here at the SideTrack ever before.

    And I commend Bennion for using the words "Tent Cities." It is a more accurate depiction of what Jason proposes than Jason himself has provided.

    I also think anonymous just before you has point. Jason is a wingnut, not a real conservative. We've got enough of those in Utah already.