Friday, October 31, 2008

Utah Clinton Supporter, Dem Delegate Campaigns for Chris Buttars

I met Jordan in Denver. I didn't care for his (and other's) refusal to let go of Hillary's campaign in light of the importance of this presidential election. It made me question how and who we place in the delegate positions, and how effective they are or are not.

This week, it got worse. A nice catch by Bob from the SL Trib:

Two months ago, 19-year-old Utahn Apollo Pazell was in the national spotlight, giving a nominating speech for Sen. Hillary Clinton at the Democratic National Convention.

He caught the party's attention again this week when campaign reports showed that Pazell, who had been Democrat John Rendell's campaign manager until July, received $1,000 from Rendell's opponent, Republican Sen. Chris Buttars.

Buttars said Pazell called him about two months ago, saying he had left the Rendell campaign because he was disgusted with Rendell's use of the satirical play "Saturday's Voyeur," which skewered Buttars mercilessly, for a campaign event.
Buttars said Pazell put up lawn signs and organized community meetings in Copperton, where Pazell lives, and was paid $1,000.
Now that's the kind of leadership our state party needs, huh? More of this please. It makes us look so good!

You can help offset Apollo's efforts by contributing some time and/or money to John Rendell's campaign against uber-xenophobe Chris Buttars, here.


  1. buttars is a good guy. honest. that is why the fag enablers and fags want to destroy him.

    go to

    click on audio

    click on weekly sermons.

    check out last sunday’s sermons it was great. exposed those fag enablers for what they really are.

  2. Let me guess, Jason, that was one of your Utah readers?

    Impressive. Those Mormons sure know how to raise 'em.


  3. There is only one thing we can say to anonymous, God loves you, and we love you.