Tuesday, November 4, 2008

150 Plus Ballot Initiatives Nationwide

Democracy Now: From Gay Marriage to Predatory Lending, Voters to Decide on 150+ Ballot Initiatives Nationwide.

It’s fascinating, especially in the last week, you see more coverage related to some of the more eclectic and controversial kinds of issues around animal rights or the drug reform or criminal justice issues, and those are an annual part of the ballot.

But what is a little lost in that attention to those measures is some real fundamental issues that we believe are present this cycle, because people really have big problems and want big solutions, around healthcare, clean and reliable energy, and issues that are more core to what people wake up in the night worrying about. And so, from some that you mentioned, around children’s healthcare, home care authorities, creating those in Washington and Missouri, stem cell research, and then everything from alternative fuels in California to clean and solar energy, oil severance tax—there’s a variety of issues that are really fundamental to the kinds of things that we know voters are worried about and want to see real progress on.
Definitely the more complicated way to achieve progress, but if it works, it works.

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  1. It sounds like this article is glorifying initiatives, but it glosses over the bad ones, such as proposals to cut incomes taxes in Massachusetts and Oregon as well as taxes in other states.

    Using initiative to cuts taxes is an abuse of the process. Initiatives should be restricted to expanding government, not contracting it.