Saturday, November 1, 2008

200,000 Events

Grassroots organizing, in all it's glory.

Writing from Chicago on Sen. Barack Obama’s social network, MyBo, Amy Hamblin reports that supporters have posted a whopping 200,000 events, with volunteers steadily “blowing past one milestone after another.” The pace of event organization has dramatically accelerated, Hamblin noted, since the campaign only passed the 150,000th event-mark about three weeks ago.

“People are stepping up every day and taking leadership in this campaign, hosting phonebanks and canvasses,” Hamblin wrote in a blog post, reporting that supporters also launched more than “27,000 MyBO groups.”

Many observers focus on the Obama campaign’s candidate rallies and large crowds, but the parallel grassroots events are a critical part of the ground game, especially in states that the candidate rarely visits.

It hit me finally, when I read this, that I got involved in politics because one day, years from now, I wanted to see happen what has really just happened. Not so much a Democrat in the White House (which is a nice bonus, of course) but hundreds of thousands of citizens engaged in the system of election, representation and leadership of our country.

Now if we can just get Utah up to speed.

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