Thursday, November 13, 2008


Campaign for America's Future and Democracy Corps do some polling (via MyDD).

On virtually every dimension of the liberal-conservatism debate, voters have moved to a new place. They show a new openness for the country to use government for a range of public purposes: restoring taxes on the wealthiest and corporations to bring sustained relief for the middle class and regulate corporate excess to protect the public. A large majority wants to reduce troops in Iraq, while support for multilateralism over a go-it-alone, military-centered policy has held at historic highs. And despite results on some ballot measures this year, voters show a new level of tolerance on sexual preference, with 54 percent saying homosexuality should be accepted, not discouraged.


  1. We're not a center-left nation

    I can prove it.

  2. A bit of advice, Matthew: Citing one blog post about one ballot initiative in one state, in the face of 151 ballot initiatives nationwide is a not something you should consider "proof."