Monday, November 10, 2008

Conservative Expectations


It's been fascinating to watch The Corner's obsession with the idea that Obama will prioritize "structural things like unions, open borders cum amnesty, and fairness doctrine/talk radio, etc. that would all be seen as investments in ensuring more liberal voters in the next elections." Obama opposes two of those three policies, and my hunch is he won't really fight for the Employee Free Choice Act even as he nominally supports it. So maybe it's just that conservatives don't know that much about Obama's governing agenda. But as insight into the conservative approach to governance, this panicked belief that Obama will single-mindedly harness the power of the government to expand his coalition is interesting, if only because it is so rarely attempted by Democrats.
Further downsides to Bush's and the GOP's "perpetual campaign" mentality of governance. If results of 2008 elections prove only to break that method of thinking and politicking, the various successful Democratic campaigns would have been a national success story.

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