Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Not Even Chris Cannon Wants to be Tied to Chaffetz

What an effective congressman Chaffetz will be!

Washington » As congressman-elect Jason Chaffetz gets ready to move to Washington, D.C., he has sought advice from Utah's other members of Congress on everything from how to organize a staff to how best to help Utahns navigate the bureaucracy.

But the one person he hasn't connected with is the man who now holds the 3rd District seat Chaffetz will claim in January.

That's Rep. Chris Cannon, a six-term incumbent whom Chaffetz beat in a Republican primary in June. The men haven't talked since.

"Mr. Cannon's staff have been polite but I have not met with Mr. Cannon," Chaffetz said. "I've reached out at least a dozen times. So far, no luck."
When the guy who made a career out of parroting right-wing talking points and kissing George Bush's ass won't return your calls, you know your political future is dim. Again, District 3, you've voted yourself zero representation.

No one wants to talk to your guy. No one will want to work with your guy. No one will want their name on legislation with your guy, nor theirs on your guy's legislation. They can smell crazy a mile a way.

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