Thursday, November 6, 2008

PSN: Moving forward from the 2008 Elections at the State Level - Conference Call, Noon Today

Sorry for the short notice to those interested. From Progressive States Network, in the Inbox:

Moving forward from the 2008 Elections at the State Level

Call to analyze the results of state-level elections from across the country, review the outcome of key ballot initiative votes, and outline a strategy for capitalizing on this election's nationwide mandate with a strong progressive legislative agenda, including strategies for collaborating with President-Elect Obama and the Democratic Congress.
- David Sirota, PSN Co-chair, Nationally Syndicated Columnist, and New York Times Best-selling Author

- Nathan Newman, Policy Director, PSN

Caroline Fan, Immigration and Workers' Rights Policy Specialist, PSN

Julie Schwartz, Broadband and Economic Development Policy Specialist

- Christian Smith-Socaris, Election Reform Policy Specialist, PSN

- Adam Thompson, Health Care Policy Specialist, PSN


2pm EST, Thursday November 6, 2008
DIAL-IN: (800) 391-1709, Login Code 709424

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  1. Just saw this, so I missed it. How did it go?