Friday, November 14, 2008

"JesusLand" Students Chant 'Assassinate Obama' on School Bus

A little reminder that racists continue to breed in Eastern Idaho.

"They just hadn't heard anything like this before," Whoolery stated. "I think the thing that struck us was just like, 'Where did they get the word and why would they put that word and that person together?'"

Whoolery, a psychology professor at Brigham Young University in Rexburg, is not an Obama supporter, but he was shocked that any public official would be threatened in that way. "I don't think that the majority of people in Rexburg have extreme ideas like that, but we were just surprised that it would go that far," Whoolery told KIKD.

The Madison County School District has sent out an email saying that students are to be told this sort of behavior is unacceptable.

According to an article which appeared in Salon in 2006, "You've heard of Jesusland, but Rexburg, Idaho, is something more. It's not just a small town in rural Eastern Idaho. It's a small town in rural Eastern Idaho completely dominated by a fast-growing Mormon college, Brigham Young University-Idaho."
Watch the KIDK 2 video here.

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  1. That's the really bad news. The awesome news is that change can't be stopped. One of the benefits of MSM is that 'we' (children of all, with only a few exceptions) see a awakened world. Hold tight, hold fast, hold change.

    Obama was elected and the world is changing.

    (go get'em FBI)