Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A User's Guide to How the News Gets Made

New York Times highlights an upcoming IFC production being touted as "an exercise in media literacy":

As self-absorbed as the news media can sometimes be, only a small amount of self-criticism appears on television.

The cable news networks seldom speak about their infatuation with stories of white women gone missing or delve into their military analysts’ conflicts of interest. But a new series on the Independent Film Channel, “The IFC Media Project,” finds plenty to be introspective about.

The program, which begins on Tuesday, calls itself a “user’s guide to how the news gets made.” It examines a wide range of subjects, from coverage of the financial crisis to the narrative of the “war on drugs.”

“The point of the show is that American journalism and especially broadcast journalism right now seems to be spiraling downward,” said Gideon Yago, the host of the six half-hour installments.

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