Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Utah Bloggers Git-Ta-Gether, Friday

Jesse of CoolestFamilyEver and FreeUTOPIA has put together a social gathering for Utah bloggers. It's an opportunity to put politics, ideology and elections aside, catch up in person, and a chance for newcomers to put faces to userIDs.

Friday, Nov 14th
Squatters Pub (147 W Broadway [300 S.])
Salt Lake City

Anyone who's anyone will be there (this means you!).

(Rumor has it Sutherland Prez. Paul Mero may drop by, so I can't guarantee the night will be completely politic free, but if you've never seen Paul and I disagree, it's not something to be missed!)


  1. If I show my face, Huntsman will fire me for sure. Why are you trying to out me?

  2. If Paul Mero is there I don't want to be seen palling around with those types of people.

  3. More insight from Paul Mero - http://www.sltrib.com/Opinion/ci_10875198

  4. From Mero's op ed:
    "Marriage doesn't domesticate men, women do"


    I mean...he was wrong and idiotic in everything he said there...but....this just doesn't compute.