Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What's Jeffrey Scott Shapiro Smoking?

For a minute, I thought I'd left the WSJ Opinion Page and been redirected to The Onion. Alas, this guy is serious.

Just as Americans have gained perspective on how challenging Truman's presidency was in the wake of World War II, our country will recognize the hardship President Bush faced these past eight years -- and how extraordinary it was that he accomplished what he did in the wake of the September 11 attacks.

The treatment President Bush has received from this country is nothing less than a disgrace. The attacks launched against him have been cruel and slanderous, proving to the world what little character and resolve we have. The president is not to blame for all these problems. He never lost faith in America or her people, and has tried his hardest to continue leading our nation during a very difficult time.

Our failure to stand by the one person who continued to stand by us has not gone unnoticed by our enemies. It has shown to the world how disloyal we can be when our president needed loyalty -- a shameful display of arrogance and weakness that will haunt this nation long after Mr. Bush has left the White House.
Frankly, Mr. Shapiro, I'd have preferred George didn't try to "help" us anymore.


  1. Bravo, JSS. This country has indeed disgraced itself to the world with its childish actions/opinions against our President. Like him or not, he was our President for the last 8 years and for that he should be respected. ?And you wonder why you think the world hates and disrespects us? If you don't respect yourself and your leaders, how can you expect it in return?

  2. "If you don't respect yourself and your leaders, how can you expect it in return?"

    More smoking going on here. Had W given me one thing to respect after the initial period following 9/11, I would have done it. Instead, he showed that he had NO RESPECT for America whatsoever. In response to Shapiro, I really can't say it any better than Leonard Pitts, Jr.:

    "And when his reign of error ends on Jan. 20, it will come eight years too late and not a millisecond too soon.
    "For my money, of all the things he has done that have damaged this nation -- we're talking lies and alibis, torture, the loss of American prestige, watching passively as New Orleans drowned, censoring science, politicizing the Justice Department, a ruinous war of choice in Iraq, spending with all the discipline of an 8-year-old in a candy store -- arguably the most damaging legacy this president leaves is that he has undermined truth itself. After eight years of Bush/Rove politics, we live now in a nation where fact doesn't mean a whole lot, where it is OK to believe the ''truth'' that serves your political ends and jettison any that does not.
    "Because these days, truth comes in two flavors. We have red truth and blue truth, but we are fresh out of the truth, the facts, unimpeachable and inarguable. Instead, Bush has overseen a government of legendary intellectual incoherence, where ideology is valued above competence, accountability is valued not at all and one is daily dared to believe the evidence of one's lying eyes. Bush seems to agree with Stephen Colbert: Reality has a liberal bias.
    "Now, we are offered one last single-digit salute to our collective intelligence in the form of this grotesque suggestion that we should be ashamed of how we have treated Bush. If anyone should feel shame, it is Bush and the cadre of sycophants that has enabled him for eight long years.
    Of course, as young Mr. Shapiro so vividly reminds us, they don't know the meaning of the word."

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  4. Actually, it's the liberals who like the wacky weed, literally. Liberals are pot smokers, not conservatives. It's the pot high that makes Dems think "everything's cool" when they say things that make America the laughingstock of the world. (Turns out, it's not as cool or funny when you're NOT high.)