Monday, December 1, 2008

Anonymous GOP Hold on Bailout Oversight Position, Contact Your Senator

A nameless GOP senator has placed a hold on the nomination process of a key bailout oversight position. TPM has the goods:

This is a crucial post for ensuring that the department spends its $700 billion wisely and without favor -- all the more so because Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, and the man running the bailout, Neel Kashkari, are both former executives at Goldman Sachs, which has already received $10 billion from Treasury. And no one has seriously questioned Barofsky's personal fitness for the job.

Senators have the right to anonymously put a hold on any nomination to a federal post for any reason whatsoever. But given what's at stake here, it's worth trying to find out who's responsible for the hold, and why. We've put in a call to Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell's office. But we could use your help too.

So if you live in a state with at least one Republican senator, we're asking you to call their office, tell them you're a constituent, and politely ask whether they put a hold on Barofsky's nomination, and if so, why. Then email us and let us know what you find out -- even if it's a 'no' or an inconclusive answer. If nothing else, your information can help us narrow down the list.

And in case it helps, here's the statement put out by Sen. Chris Dodd, the chair of the banking committee, that first mentioned the hold.

Take a few minutes today to see what Hatch and Bennett have to say.
Sen. Bennett: Phone: (801) 524-5933
Fax: (801) 524-5730

Sen. Hatch: Tel: (801) 524-4380
Fax: (801) 524-4379

The field of possibilities is narrowing.

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