Monday, December 15, 2008

Bizarre Historical Accident

Defense of Net Neutrality, in response to Google's recent strange behavior, receives a jump start. With his patented and unique talent, blogger Atrios makes the complex simple:

The open internets was a bizarre historical accident, necessary to defend and unlikely to be repeated. People always object when I say this, but they're wrong.
Agreed. The internet has achieved the usefulness (necessity?) it currently offers because of an unnoticed neutrality. Now that the "big guys" have noticed, that neutrality is threatened. I'm unwilling to say Google has joined the dark side (mostly because such rumors have circulated before), but as one of the leaders of the Net Neutrality fight, their "talks" with the "big guys" are indeed troubling. If net neutrality advocates lose Google to the ranks of Comcast, AT&T, and Qwest, the battle for a neutral net becomes all the more difficult.

Another reason to be glad you voted for Obama.

UPDATE: The "report" on Google's net neutrality betrayal may be no more than more bad journalism from the WSJ.

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