Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Crash and Burn

The weekend before Christmas, computer trouble of Christmas's past came knocking in the midst of the holiday/family craziness. Delays followed by distractions lead to what I believe was postponed burnout from the election and long primary.

This year I was lucky enough to have time to become involved on many levels, both nationally with several progressive campaigns, and locally with the party and more specifically Morgan Bowen (who you haven't seen the last of!). We took The SideTrack to Denver for the DNC, and even assumed some responsibilities with several national blogs. The SideTrack received a boost in readership and attention we had never seen before, and with that came added responsibility. I signed on with KVNU and a daily radio show, and we launched a (successful?) campaign media production effort. In hindsight, considering the personalities of those who make up the "staff" here, it's amazing we pulled it all off. And it was the most fun I have had in years. 2008 will no doubt be a year none of us will ever forget, and full of experiences more engaging than any of us could have hoped for.

But I'm glad it's nearly over. It's good to be back into the routine of RSS and radio and email and more email, but I'm going to lay low until 2009.

I can't wait to see what 2009 brings, and thanks to all of you who've followed us on (in the words of Hunter Thompson himself) this long, weird trip.

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