Monday, December 8, 2008

Dear Bank of America

TrueMajority, in my inbox:

Last month, Bank of America accepted $25 billion in taxpayer funds as part of the Wall Street Bailout. Now they're refusing to release lines of credit and causing hundreds to lose their jobs. In Chicago, workers making energy efficient windows and doors at the Republic Windows and Doors plant came to work only to be told their factory was shutting down and they would not be receiving the pay owed to them.1

Hundreds of these laid-off workers have occupied their factory and are refusing to leave without receiving the benefits they rightly deserve -- they're staying in the office day and night in their quest for justice.

Tell Bank of America and Congressional leaders to ensure that the Bailout Program be used to provide workers and companies with lines of credit to save jobs.
For the original bailout or against, these banks got their money from us. Send a message that you would prefer the money be spent protecting workers and bolstering our economy, not as investment in Bank of America's bottom line.

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