Thursday, December 18, 2008

Geologists Back Off Utah Oil Shale Estimates

Salt Lake Tribune:

Geologists have determined Utah has far less oil shale than previously estimated, but extracting usable energy from those still-vast deposits remains more of a possibility than a probability.

For the first time, the Utah Geological Survey has investigated the Uinta Basin independently of oil-shale regions in Colorado and Wyoming and found that a 44-year-old federal estimate of more than 80 billion barrels of Utah shale oil potential is closer to 77 billion barrels of crude-oil equivalent, the agency announced Wednesday.

But that calculation doesn't take into account how much energy it would take to convert the shale -- a rock called organic marlstone -- into something useful, economical and environmentally acceptable.
Matheson must feel sooooo stupid right now.

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  1. What most people don't know is that the product of "oil shale" mining isn't oil, it's a mixture of compounds called kerogen. Existing refineries have no use for kerogen.