Friday, December 5, 2008

How American Auto-Makers Can Get Back On Top

An open-letter to Ford Motor Company from Frameshop's Jeff Feldman. The short version:

In summary, these are the five steps that Ford should take to become a national leader in the discussion of America's Future:

  1. Step Up To Lead The National Summit
  2. Invite Real Environmentalists
  3. Host Deliberative Discussions
  4. Reach Out To Bloggers
  5. Debate Lobbying Practices
Keeping in mind that 'Rome was not built in a day,' if these five steps are followed, the June 2009 National Summit would be transformed from a PR stunt by big industry in Detroit into a national forum on the future of America with Ford as its most vocal and forward looking discussion leader. The result of the forum would be structural as well as economic.
If auto-makers are important enough to bail out, it's relevant to discuss their future. From business practice to the product they sell, a lot is going to have to change. This seems like an intelligent first step.

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