Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Jordan Pazell's Favorite Senator and The Gayle Ruzicka Virus

I've always pictured Eagle Forum's Gayle Ruzicka as one of the witches from Macbeth, slowly stirring her cauldron of toxic goo, waiting for unsuspecting state senators to wander a bit too close, where she can snare them with a clever trap made of rope and her own spit, and plant her seeds of bat-shit crazy in their overly impressionable minds.

So imagine how ecstatic she must have been when Chris Buttars was re-elected (with a Clinton Delegate's help, lest we forget).

Sen. Chris Buttars wants Utah's Legislature to declare its opposition to the "war on Christmas."

The West Jordan Republican is sponsoring a resolution encouraging retailers to embrace Christmas in their promotions rather than the generic "holidays."

"It would encourage the use of 'Merry Christmas,'" Buttars said of the non-binding statement that is still being drafted. "I'm sick of the Christmas wars -- we're a Christian nation and ought to use the word."

Several fellow lawmakers he wouldn't yet name support his effort, added Buttars, who has a long history of championing the socially conservative agenda of the Utah Eagle Forum.

In 2005, right-wing pundit Bill O'Reilly took on the same fight, characterizing the so-called war on Christmas as part of a secular progressive agenda that would open the door to legalized drugs, abortion-on-demand and same-sex marriage.

One advertising executive thinks the Buttars message crosses the line.

"I'm kind of flabbergasted that there is even such a proposal," said Dave Newbold, president of Salt Lake City-based Richter7 Advertising and Public Relations.
Not only does Gayle have a sympathetic ear in Buttars, but she obviously has a kindred spirit, and like "mind," with which she can bring that much needed level of irrational, childish thinking and distance from reality to the Utah State Senate (Which, incidentally, I've begun to picture as a volkswagen stuffed with too many clowns).

Kudos, West Jordan and Mr. Pazell. This is your guy.

Happy Holidays.


  1. You want to get a shiver down your spine, picture a love child from Buttars and Swastika, errr, Ruzika.


  2. I love it, your comments are always spot on, your visuals are comedic. Keep up the great work.