Sunday, December 14, 2008

Marshall Thompson on Shoe Flinging and the Bush Legacy

No one will say it better than this:

In the past, the Bush administration has been able to “brass it out” when it comes to logical contradictions. They act and speak as if they have done something good, and then people assume that they’ve done it. There was a slight danger of this occurring yet again with Bush’s photo ops in Iraq. However, thanks to one gutsy, shoeless journalist, Bush’s final tour of Iraq will go down as a major embarrassment. His shoes may have missed the physical target, but they shattered the false image of President Bush as a noble liberator and revealed instead, a small, sad man who is only just coming to grips with the carnage and devastation for which he is responsible.

I can’t watch this without feeling terrible for President Bush. The shock of the flying shoes must have been a stinging rebuke and a lasting insult. On a personal level, I hope George doesn’t feel too bad about the whole incident. Considering the broader issues of illegal war, loss of life and American treasure, however, I can understand the appropriateness of the action. Nonviolence is the only form of protest that I can practice or endorse. Throwing shoes isn’t a nonviolent act, but when people feel oppressed and desperate enough, they will make their voices heard any way they can. While I don’t condone it, I respect the reasons behind it.

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  1. You're so single person throwing a shoe equals the shattering of President Bush's "false image." You also know that there are many, many Iraqi citizens that are and will be forever grateful for what our country has done there. Your unqualified hatred is palpable...and it is sad.