Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Rule of Law Humor

I have many Republican friends I have who didn't mind when the Patriot Act was rushed through, didn't speak up when the FISA "emergency" revisions stripped court oversight from government surveillance, didn't bat an eye at the revelation that our country was engaging in torture.

All because of what, folks? The end justified the means and Toby Keith wrote a song about it. That's right. America, Fuck Yeah!, etc, etc ad naseum.

Now it's ironic how many of them I hear voicing a new found love for executive oversight, check and balances of power, and that little piece of paper they had misplaced under Ann Coulter's couch cushion: The Constitution.

Oh yeah. That.

1 comment:

  1. I've found it hilarous to hear the number of my conservative and Republican acquaintances who never uttered a peep from 2000-2006, but who now are pontificating about the need for checks-and-balances or the dangers of a single-party monopoly. Even more fun is seeing them sputter when you ask about the deathgrip one single party has on the Utah state government. Good times.