Monday, January 5, 2009

GOP Online

But still not getting it.

Conservatives getting excited about being on Twitter simply for the sake of being on Twitter reminds me of Democrats and related groups adding “blog” to everything in 2002-5 and thinking that made up for being weenies. It doesn’t. As long as the Republican party is still debating whether a racially insensitive song is really that bad, listens to marching orders from Rush Limbaugh, and consistently defends the failed presidency of George W. Bush, they will stay in the wilderness.
Willis' assertion that there was a learning curve for Democrats as well - circa 2002 - is a unique (and acccurate) point, but in my memory these efforts were driven by outsiders, then adopted by insiders, and over promoted to an annoying extent.  The GOP seems to be taking the approach of "fooling" the outsiders into engagement by pretending the insiders are "hip" to electronic doo-dadery and all own iPods.

I'm not sure it's an effective approach to citizen involvement.  And I'm not sure that's what the GOP really wants anyway.

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  1. I'd take Republican's misuse of the internets vs certain state party officials' nonuse of the internets.