Thursday, January 22, 2009

House GOP: No Leverage

Wall Street Journal:

With likely minorities of 41-59 in the Senate and 178-257 in the House, Republicans -- who just four years ago seemed on the cusp of long-term dominance -- have less leverage than any minority in recent memory."

Furthermore, Republicans' internal divisions "have been exacerbated by fights over the weakened party's future.
While it's kind of fun to gloat right now, this isn't necessarily a good thing, long term. I don't really believe in the possibility of permanent majorities, overall, and I don't believe any party (even mine) left without opposition can maintain it's integrity of vision over long periods of time.

The GOP needs to get it's act together, drop the social conservative, kick out the wing-nuts, and offer voters something that actually addresses the problems they face in their real lives, not fabricated threats they worry about only in election cycles.

And for the love of... stop giving Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, Hannity, and Chuck Norris the party megaphone!

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  1. And notice how the pretty simple concept of a healthy opposition party is also healthy for the country was never uttered once by Republicans back in 2004.

    Republicans first, Americans second.

    At least we have our priorities in the correct order.

    I have a friend that is a Republican (I really think it is more an identity thing for him) but is not involved in the party in any way - I told him to go get active, get the people he wants to lead the party. He gave me a bunch of bogus reasons he couldn't but really that is what is going to be required if he wants to move the GOP forward.

    PS - While I don't agree with Chuck Norris, he is pretty far out lier in that group.