Friday, January 9, 2009

Save Soapblox

We've considered Soapblox in the past (as well as a Wordpress migration), but we're - frankly - too lazy to make the switch.  Marshall's Wasatch Watcher provides a great example of the platform it offers, and as described below, it's contribution to the progressive blogosphere has been (and will be, with our help) imeasurable.  From Blogpac:

For two years, as part of our efforts to build progressive media, BlogPac has paid the website hosting fees for the 50-state blog network. This collection of progressive blogs provides vital reporting and grassroots activism at the state level across the country. The rate of political return has been stellar, but this week, the platform supporting 90% of those blogs, Soapblox, was hacked to within an inch of its life. The entire network is now in real jeopardy.

The Soapblox platform offers advanced community engagement features most bloggers could never afford to add to a site on their own. But there's a hitch: Soapblox has been the work of one part-time netroots activist with another full-time job, Paul Preston, who clears less than $1,000/month for providing this vital progressive infrastructure.

When malicious hackers hijacked Soapblox, threatening over 100 progressive blogs that served more than 50,000,000 page views in 2008, Paul wasn't sure he'd be able to bring the system back online.

Click here to save Soapblox

Here's where you come in. Your donation to BlogPac today will pay for server migration and restoration, improved backup and recovery, and better hosting security. Recurring donations provided to the Save Soapblox effort will go towards hiring a permanent assistant programmer.

I know it's not the greatest time of year for anyone to be digging into the wallet (and I also know that personally I've felt recently a little "donation ask" burnout from the ol' inbox) but if you have even $10 to spare, it would be money well invested.

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