Friday, January 16, 2009

Steve Urquhart's Liberal Media

Is at it again. Looks like they've recruited D-News' Lee Davidson now too.

One example of the things Whitley wished Americans more fully realized, he said, is that Bush warned for years about conditions that led to this year's economic meltdown, but he is being blamed for it.

"During his entire administration, President Bush pushed Congress to rein in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac," the mortgage-backing agencies blamed for too-little oversight that helped lead to a crash in housing and banking, he said.

The only problem with that, Mr. Whitley, is that facts are what keep people from realizing that, as -- and I'm not sure how you missed it, perhaps you've been really busy -- Fannie and Freddie Mac were incapable, as an institution, of causing the credit meltdown, and even if the very way the institution functions was different, their sub-prime lending made up for a very tiny percentage of the credit swapping when contrasted with the percentage done by private lenders that Bush said nothing about.

Whitley goes on to ad -- with considerable help from Davidson in not challenging a single assertion -- that we have not been attacked since Sept. 11th and that Bush has made the world safer. Which is also not true.

I don't blame Whitley. It's his job to be a douchebag and lie to us. Davidson, on the otherhand, has to at least heard of, if only in passing, the most basic tenets of journalism, and should be ashamed of himself for the sheer vapidity of this article, if not it's blatant misdirections.

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