Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ted Nugent Was Never That Smart

One of the coolest side effects of being a political junkie is that you subconsciously open yourself up, almost daily, to very engaging and challenging discussions with people of all political bents in all kinds of surprising circumstances.

On the other hand, you do occasionally find yourself sitting in the news room prepping for a radio show listening to someone who just read Human Events' latest lump of thoughtless word waste -- on this occasion penned by the infamous Ted Freakin' Nugent (Chuck Norris being busy saving a bus load of nuns somewhere on the interstate, I assume) -- and thinks they've discovered editorial genius that will blow your mind.

It's so sad to see the look of dejection slip down over their face as you explain to them that no, Ted Nugent has not found his calling, and he's not "stepping up" from washed up loser to political pundit. He's just always been an idiot. Human Events has not discovered the next batch of political leaders but rather tossed in the towel on maintaining integrity in a conversation that probably went: "What the hell, Coulter has turned us into a joke... let's at least make some advertising dough. What's Ted Nugent doing these days?" And unbelievably, both Ted and Chuck weren't busy!

Tune in next week for the Human Events/Townhall/Heritage Foundation WWF Smackdown to decide the 2012 GOP presidential contenders... hosted by Steven Segal, Sammy Hagar, and that guy that played Ricky Schroeder's dad on Silver Spoons.

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  1. Just another Republican that dodged the draft and now spends every waking moment trying to prove their manhood.

    Could you post a quick synopsis of what he said because I refuse to click on the link? I hope you are using nofollow also.