Thursday, January 29, 2009

Unions See Growth in 2008

Despite all the bustin'.

A new report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that union membership rose sharply last year, adding over 400, 000 new union members. But that growth occurred in the face of a wide range of legal and illegal unionbusting tactics and intimidation: Studies of hundreds of organizing campaigns have found that a fifth of all pro-union activists are fired during a campaign, half of all employers threaten to shut down their plant and roughly 80% of employers hire unionbusting consultants.

Even so, as union activists point out, when workers are allowed to join unions, they do.
As the article explains, some are using this as a reason to oppose the Employee Free Choice Act and it's provisions, as if were now redundant. I think what this tells us is that in times of economic uncertainty, workers see unions as a way to protect their families and prosperity.

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