Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bramble Drops Anti-PTA Bill

Press release from Utah PTA, via Tyler @ KVNU's For the People:

Utah PTA President and President-Elect, Marilyn Simister and Ilene Mecham and Legislative Vice President Cheryl Phipps met with Senator Bramble on Tuesday afternoon to work out a compromise bill with him and other parties. On Wednesday Afternoon , the Legislative Action Committee of Utah PTA voted to support the new substituted bill. The new bill removes the language about dues collecting parent organizations. Several other minor, but significant, changes resulted in a compromise bill. We will talk about the bill at PTA Day at the Capitol on Friday.

We are grateful that we have all, again, seen democracy working at its best. The hundreds of e-mails and calls gving input was listened to and Senator Bramble was willing to compromise. We appreciate that willingness by many legislators to listen to the parents of the state. SB 199 1st Substitute is circled at the top of the 2nd Reading Calendar and will be considered by the Senate shortly. You can read the text of the bill at this link:

For all my criticism of Bramble for even submitting the original bill, I commend him for being open to a dialog and compromise discussions with PTA supporters. I still contend the original bill was an attempt at petty revenge (one of many going around) targeted at those who undermined his Voucher Empire plans, but being open to compromise shows there is still legitimacy in the process of lawmaking, which is what this should all be about.

Good form, Senator.

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  1. It's still a bad bill. Per the bill, a school can't give preference to an organization representing a majority of parents, and must give equal access on all committees to parent groups representing, say, two parents.