Friday, February 13, 2009

House GOP Chair Joins "Birth Certificate" Suit

Aptly labeled the "lawsuit from Mars" by congressional Democrats.

Despite the fact that the Court rejected an effort to contest President Barack Obama's citizenship in a case earlier this year, four Tennessee lawmakers are still pushing a legal action to force the president to turn over his birth certificate and other documents to prove his citizenship.

It also comes after Obama posted a copy of his birth certificate on his campaign website.

Tennessee Republican congressmembers Eric Swafford, Stacey Campfield, Glen Casada and Frank Niceley have agreed to join a Russian immigrant in California's case against Obama -- which contends he's not eligible to be president, the Tennessean's Theo Emery reported Friday. Casada is the chairman of the House Republican caucus.

Ironically, the House chairman said his action was intended to quell discussion on the issue.
In fear of Obama, you know, actually being a good President, the GOP crazy seems to be snowballing.

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