Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Notes from the Blogger Briefing

Sitting in on the first blogger briefing offered by The Senate Site. Some names/faces I recognize in the live stream: Matt Piccolo (Sutherland/Just and Holy Principles), Bob Aagard (The World According to Me), David Miller (Pursuit of Liberty), and Holly (Holly on the Hill), and Ethan Millard (SLCSpin), and JMBell.

Topic is SB0208 and the creation of a search-able website for legal notice from cities and other entities, providing a faster, cheaper means of publishing legal notices with a lower "pass through" through fee through a web portal. Steve U: Government alone spends hundreds of thousands on legal notices, ad private expenses and you're talking millions.

Steve U: With all bills up here, we're trying to do the right thing. There is a perception that we're trying to be little dictators. Our citizens are simply being charged too much for legal notice. Better notice, lower cost. Question: Are other states doing this? Answer: We're researching that. Implementation dates: a year and a couple of months, so there is plenty of time for people to say let's go back in and tweak this. Question: Is this an anti-media bill? Steve U: No, it's pro-consumer.

Question from JMBell: "Ethan is not really a blogger, how come he gets to hog all the questions?" The question is delegated to Ethan for response on SLCSpin. Real question: Will the storage be permanent? Answer: The goal would be permanent storage.

Reactions to the “bloggerpresser” info here and here. (Thanks to The Senate Site for putting this together)

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