Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sex Education Dialog - Thank a Legislator

PPAC, in the inbox:

Yesterday, in an unprecedented move, the House Health and Human Services Committee held HB 189-Instruction in Health Amendments over to the interim session this summer. This allows the dialogue about the need for comprehensive, medically accurate sex education in Utah’s schools to continue.

If you haven’t already, sign our petition in favor of comprehensive sex education by visiting By signing the petition you are sending a clear message that you believe that all teens in Utah deserve information to keep themselves healthy and safe.

Please take a moment and thank the sponsor of the bill, Rep. Lynn Hemingway for being willing to take on this controversial issue. You can email him at

Write an email today to thank the Health and Human Services Committee for being willing to discuss this issue further during the interim session, don’t forget to let them know why this is so important to you and make sure they know which legislative district you live in.

Rep. Phil Riesen

Rep. Trisha Beck

Rep. Paul Ray

Rep. Stephen Sandstrom

Rep. Ronda Menlove

Rep. Evan Vickers

Rep. Brad Daw

Thank you for your support of PPAC and many thanks to these legislators who recognize the need to give comprehensive sex education the serious consideration that it deserves.

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