Tuesday, March 24, 2009

On Zogby

Washington Independent:

Stacy McCain reports on a new Zogby poll that, according to John Zogby, puts the president’s approval rating at “about 50-50.”

This has got to scare Democrats to death, because the whole point of hitching their wagons to Obama’s star was that Obama was popular.

Alternatively, Democrats might yawn and say two things.

1) Zogby is very good at producing polls that get Drudge links (though none for this poll — yet) and less good at reading the country. Certainly, no Republicans are acting as if the president is no longer popular. Jim Tedisco, the Republican candidate in a historically Republican seat in upstate New York, is running triangulating ads about how he wants to work with the president while opposing much of his agenda. (Obviously, a Tedisco win will be sold as proof that Obama is faltering.)

2) There’s no Republican who comes close to 50 percent approval—the party’s leadership is mostly unknown, and overall approval of the party in Congress is below 30 percent.

You know -- and this is just a wild idea, here -- if the media stopped talking about Zogby polls as if they meant something, maybe Zogby would be inclined to improve their polling methods and produce a poll that actually does mean something? Just a thought.

Speaking of which, you can register with Zogby's online polling arm here. I've been polling as a supporter of "Hobbits" in their polls for a year now.

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