Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Argh! The Bush Legacy Strikes Again

Mark Towner must be ecstatic, sitting somewhere, no longer blogging, enjoying the constant attention piracy is getting the past few days. But in the immediate situation, admittedly overshadowed -- as all else -- by the troubles brewing still in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, there is a real concern in the growing abilities and numbers of modern day pirates.

Todd @ UDP:

This current incident was resolved by the magnificent United States Navy under orders from President Obama.

The United States got out of Mogadishu once. Will we have to go back?

A former CIA officer, talking to Ken Silverstein at Harper's Magazine, says yes. An excerpt: “We’ve been trying to deal with this from the ocean side, by sending the navy. We can’t afford to patrol that big a piece of the ocean. We need to deal with this problem from the beach side, in concert with the ocean side. We need to work in Somalia and in Lebanon, where a lot of the ransom money has changed hands. But our operations in Lebanon are a joke, and we have no presence at all in Somalia. The U.S. Navy should not have to shoulder this mission alone. Where is the CIA? The pirates have a base of operations and infrastructure. They’re not going out 400-plus nautical miles from shore in shitty boats; they have fuel supplies, docks, mechanics, and support infrastructure, on the beach. It’s all findable and disrupt-able. We need a contingent of agency personnel in Ethiopia and Somalia to go after this infrastructure, leadership and control elements in Somalia, and an aggressive human intelligence effort in Lebanon to follow, and choke off the money.”

The Bush legacy strikes, again. One more thing to fix, President Obama.

I don't remember every having a national debate on whether or not the US should or can be the world's police, but if we are going to make such an effort, it's important to remember why the short-sighted and poorly planned foreign policies of Bush's GOP have undermined even that effort.

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  1. You better watch out. Mentioning Capt. Delusional Pirate got him to threaten to "serve" me. Which he still hasn't done, three months later.