Sunday, April 12, 2009

Dobson Concedes

Via Think Progress, Focus on the Family's James Dobson admits "religious right" defeat in culture wars.

Although I think he's off on what this means for the future (I predict no bolts of lightning for equal rights and reduced popularity for legislating morality), he's dead on in regards to the Religious Right's failure.

Some ideas just have a short shelf life, James. Time is the bigot's worst enemy.

Well, time, and microphones.

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  1. When he says the country is "awash in evil," I suppose Dobson is not referring to our still-shredded Constitution, lack of habeas corpus, warrantless surveillance, and coverups of widespread human rights violations including torture.

    You know he's not referring to the outrageous level of income inequality in America, or the evil Wall Street CEOs who crashed our economy and threw more than five million people out of work.

    The Religious Right turns a blind eye to real evil, while they devote a maximum effort to take away equal rights from fellow citizens.