Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Glenn Beck, Secessionist

The man has lost it.

You can't convince me that the Founding Fathers wouldn't allow you to secede.

The Constitution is not a suicide pact, and if a state says: `I don't want to go there, because that's suicide, they have a right to back out. They have a right -- people have a right to not commit economic suicide...

...Texas says go to hell, Washington, which by the way has been said before. I believe it was Davey's about time that somebody says that again."


  1. Secession is an interesting proposition. Some are saying the nation can well afford to lose some red states like Texas, because they are a drain on the federal government anyway.

    In 2007, OMB Watch fingered Texas as the third largest recipient of direct federal financial support.

  2. i actuly love the idea of secession jas and you know that but the problem is just like the civil war it will be ugly and
    rmwarnick please explain your idea sence it is the red states that are keeping the government afflot and the only reason the dollar is not the laughing stock of the world i promice the states that secessied will be far beter off then new york california michigan and minisota good luck with that i never get why those states arnt called the red states sence red is the only way to define there budgets maybe they should stop calling us the red states and start calling us the green states were the only ones in the green

    the fact is the reason lincoln didnt want the south to secuseed was because of the key forts and ammo that was in the south and the same is true today sorry but all the states that want to leave the union are key military spots and not to mention hold more then half of all the nuculer weapons that would be the main modivation of why the rest would not want us to leave the union

  3. The Texas budget 08-09. Looking at page 7 of this ginormous pdf (seriously, don't try it on a slow connection), there's a breakdown of the state's source of funding, of the 156.8 billion the state is getting over that two year period, nearly a third (48.9 billion) come from the federal government. That's not including money spent by the federal government in texas, that's just money uncle sam gives texas.

    My point is that I don't think they're going anywhere, they need the federal money.

    As far as the red states keeping the country afloat, well, it wasn't the case in 2005, I doubt it's changed.