Sunday, April 26, 2009

Only in Utah County


Utah County Republicans defeated a resolution opposing well-heeled groups that a delegate claims are pushing a satanic plan to encourage illegitimate births and illegal immigration.

Don Larsen, a Springville delegate, offered the resolution, titled "Resolution opposing the Hate America anti-Christian Open Borders cabal," warning delegates that an "invisible government" comprised of left-wing foundations was pumping money into the Democratic Party to push for looser immigration laws and anti-family legislation.

Larsen said Democrats get most of the votes cast by illegal immigrants and people in dysfunctional families.

But it's not the Democrats who are behind this strategy, Larsen said. It's the devil.

"Satan's ultimate goal is to destroy the family," Larsen said, "and these people are playing a leading part in it."

Larsen's resolution contained quotes from the New Testament on the battle between good and evil. The copy of the resolution handed to delegates stated it "fulfills scriptural prophecies about our times."

Larsen offered a similar resolution at the 2007 convention. That also was defeated by delegates.

David Rodeback, a delegate from American Fork, urged delegates to forcefully reject the resolution, as it would do the party more harm than good.

Who are these people to put the future of their party before the eternal soul of our country against such a subversive invasion of people who are "differnt from us!" Approval the resolution, before it's too late!

On a related note, Don Larsen will be speaking right after LaVar and Gayle at Sutherland Institutes's next "fight teh gay" festival, and Carl Wimmer wants his input on some legislation for the 2010 legislature.

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  1. Then again, it WAS a Utah county Democrat who said Jesus would vote for him....
    And poor Don - he tries something like this every convention.....