Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Poor Ol' Sen. Howard Stephenson

At first, Sen. Stephenson's hatred of all that is newspaper was humorous. But after reading his latest unhinged diatribe, this time in the Utah Taxpayer Association's newsletter, my feelings have turned to pity. Crazy is just so sad, especially when it takes them young.

Stephenson now stands as an example of how poorly informed, and foolish even an elected official can sound if their information intake dips below a healthy level. Someone buy him a subscription to the Salt Lake Tribune before he cracks.

Rep. Rob Bishop attempts to balance out the bat-shit with numbers (not actual conclusive mathematical deduction, just random numbers), but ends up saying little more than "spending under Democrats is bad, whereas the budgets I rubber stamped under Bush were super" and "not-subsidizing oil companies is anti-free market."

Yeah, didn't make sense to me either, but they have to say something, right?

1 comment:

  1. Stephenson has really come out of his shell in 2009. Unfortunately, staying in his shell was the only way to continue appearing sane and grounded in reality. The more he speaks, the more embarrassed I am, even as a moderate conservative, to call him my representative.