Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tea-Baggers Unite!

If this isn't the most ridiculously funny thing I've read in weeks...

Obama's in for it now. Some local conservatives are throwing a "tea party." It won't be long until Utah severs relations with ol' King 'Bama.

Adam Gardiner is organizing the soiree for April 15, high noon, at the Federal Building downtown. He's expecting a fist-shaking group of frustrated and powerless right wingers, including congressmen Jason Chaffetz and Rob Bishop. And you can bet publicity bottom-feeder Mark Shurtleff will be there. The A.G. has set his cap the seat of Sen. Bob "Burn a Flag" Bennett and this is just the crowd he's playing to.

An this should bring tears to wing nut eyes throughout the state — the tea party will be televised on Glenn Beck.
Tea party. Heh. Regardless of which side you are on (sane, or brain-dead reactionary), this is probably going to be an event to witness. Charging the camera now, just to be safe.


  1. This is going to be funnier than the Daily Show.

  2. What the hell is a, "Tea Bagger?"

  3. Obviously, the idea of a "teabagging" is supposed to evoke memories of the Boston Tea Party. Of course, that was about taxation without representation, and specifically, about the Tea Act. It's not really a good metaphor for current tax policy. But more amusing is the double meaning of teabagging. Really, the Republicans should think a little more about their metaphors to avoid becoming a laughingstock. In urban slang, teabagging means something totally different. See

  4. Glenn Beck Tea Bagging . . . I'm sure he is going to cry! This is such a great country! Freedom for teabaggers, ROCK ON! Let me get this straight though, it is only opposite sex teabagging right . . . no gay teabagging, that would just be wrong! Right?