Friday, May 1, 2009

The Brand is Tainted

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) via The New York Times:

"Do you really believe that we lost 18-to-34-year-olds by 19 percent, or we lost Hispanic voters, because we are not conservative enough? No. This is a ridiculous line of thought. The truth is we lost young people because our Republican brand is tainted."
Diseased. And Republicans bristle at the mere suggestion, so to calm thy oversensitive tea-baggn' nerves, let me remind you the Democratic Party just emerged from the same "taint." No party is immune, but every party or coalition has the choice to either ignore the fact, and double down on more of the same (think Inhofe, Demint, Michele Bachmann Batshit) or find a new direction.

Put more simply by Ethan a few months ago.
It's not only issues like gay marriage and abortion, but those will be the signs of a return of the GOP.

I don't think we'll see it for a very long time though, if Newt's revival is any indication of the master plan. Contract with America 2.0 isn't going to cut it.

Which is fine with me (we're not done SOCIALSIM!-izing the system yet). But eventually we need the two party system back.

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  1. Good post. Graham seems to understand what the rest of his party is missing. The Rs look at the hole they're in and decide they need to do even more of the same that got them there. No sense considering what actually went wrong and possibly changing something.

    This is all fine with me, of course. :)