Friday, May 29, 2009

Fight for Healthcare, Support OpenLeft

OpenLeft is hosting a fundraiser to keep the blog kicking, and for those without the benjamins to spare, you can still pitch in. Bowers via BlogPAC email.

One of the tools we have on our side that we lacked 15 years ago is new progressive media. Now, progressives dominate the new online space, and serve as a counter to blowhards like Rush Limbaugh over the radio. However, many of these new progressive media outlets are struggling to make ends meet during these difficult economic times.

Fortunately, today you can help solve both problems. The Service Employees International Union has pledged to donate $1 to my blog, Open Left, for every person who signs up for their fight to secure universal health care and a public insurance option. You can sign up here:

Fight for health care, support progressive media

By signing up, you can join the fight not only to pass universal health care, but to build the new media needed to support this and other progressive campaigns.

OpenLeft deserves the support. Writers and activists there have taken the influence of progressive blogging to new levels of interaction and infusion into the established political machines. If you can spare a bit, donate. If you can't, sign up through the link above, and SEIU will donate for you.

This is an investment opportunity, not charity.

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