Friday, May 22, 2009

I Almost Want to Back a Utah Republican


Picking through the online commentary on Mark "Change in a Teabag" Shurtleff's announcement Wednesday that he would indeed be running for Governor Senate.

I'm not fan of any of our Utah GOP delegates. They too often render themselves trite in sticking to the wingnut ideology rather than represent effectively situation by situation (see Rob Bishop, Jason Caffetz, specifically). But the idea that someone like Bennett, who at least appears capable of thought, could be knocked out by a Tea Baggn' wannabe, who's political career has quickly become the equivalent of a whore looking for a street corner* is at times more frustrating than the blind faith Republican voting our state so often enjoys. And this I say about a person I actually liked, until very recent events.

I don't think Shurtleff will pull it off. But I also doubt he'll be laughed out of town afterward for his obvious pandering to lower-information voters, irrational angry mobs, and those easily influenced by empty rhetoric. And it's little solace he may be thwarted early, splitting the bat-shit voters with Tim Bridgewater.

If he gets taken seriously, it will make a sorry statement about the discourse in our state, and how little a person needs actually offer to be a viable candidate for federal office.

So I toy with the idea of at least making a few phone calls for Bennett in 2010. I won't, but getting me to even think about it is quite an achievement.

(* learning my lesson from Maureen Dowd: I lifted this line from a friend)


  1. I'll be making calls for Bennett. Too bad the Dems couldn't put up a bigger fight on this one.

  2. Jason, I think Shurtleff is going to be taken to the cleaners... but I do agree, I can't believe the kind of flack Bennett is getting from the uber-conservatives in the state. From my experience, he is a statesman, gentleman, and works well with Democrats. Shurtleff would be a hot mess in the Senate.

  3. Me too, I will be making phone calls for Bennett. Anything to make sure Shurtleff isn't elected!

    Wes Kohl

  4. Well while you are all making calls for Bennett, why not think about making a couple for a candidate that can be a conservative while also thinking critically in each situation - Cherilyn Eagar. If nothing else, you could say it will help take votes away from Shurtleff who is trying to prey on the voters who want real change, Jason Chaffetz type change.

  5. Anonymous, what part of "almost" makes you think I'd be tempted to go full on wingnut?

    Cherilyn is a little too much on the "bat-shit" side of crazy for my taste.