Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Shurtleff (Officially) Throws His Tea Bag in the Ring

Via Facebook and Twitter, AG Mark Shurtleff writes:

It's time to take this country back from Washington and Washington's Elite, back to Principles instead of Broken Promises! I invite you to join me on May 20th at 12:30 on the Capitol Steps for my announcement about a Senate Campaign and how we, the people, can Take Back America. [...] I invite you to join me Wed. May 20th 12:30 @ the Utah Capitol Building for my formal campaign announcement. #tcot

#teaparty #teabag #teabaggers

At 12:45ish, Shurtleff officially "sacked up". Next week Shurtleff will unveil his new campaign theme (song):

1 comment:

  1. I like Mark Shurtleff, but his little "Take Back America" ditty is SO CLICHE!!

    Not to mention, the guy is way too confident about his chances at winning the seat. I predict that Bennett will clobber him.