Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Shurtleff: Time to Rock and Roll... Or Tea Bag... Or Something

In the much ignored -- until today -- Mark Shurtleff secret-US Senate-run vs. Twitter matchup, it's Twitter, 1, Shurtleff, 0.

Nice catch by David @ Pursuit of Liberty.

Although I think this screen cap (pictured right) of Shurtleff's twitter updates should be notification enough he hopes to muster the fundraising support of angry mobs throughout the state for such a run. Calling this tripe "running right" is an insult to conservatives. Not Republicans, just conservatives.

Online footprints can be such a challenge to those hoping to soar with the eagles, no?

And it looks like Shurtleff is not the only tea-bagger challenger eye-balling up Bennett's seat. (Get it? Get it?)

Better than the circus, folks.

1 comment:

  1. Could Shurtleff have been any more blatant on this one? And what's an AG doing on a trade mission to Israel anyway?

    Maybe Bridgewater grabbed his old buddy Huntsman and convinced him to take Shurtleff on the trip so he could surprise everyone with a Senate announcement beating Shurtleff to the punch. Just saying.