Monday, June 8, 2009

Hold Polluters Accountable

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It's 2009. Democrats have ample majorities in both houses of Congress. President Obama campaigned on the promise to tackle climate change and boost our economy by investing in clean energy.

So why on earth is Congress considering an energy bill that:

  • Would weaken current law, repealing President Obama's authority to crack down on dirty power plants,1 and
  • Doesn't actually require the creation of new solar or wind power? (The Union of Concerned Scientists has concluded that the clean energy standards won't make power companies produce more clean energy than is already in the works.)2

Why? Because Big Oil and Coal have teamed up with conservatives in both parties, and they've been successful in weakening the bill.

These are major flaws, but the bill has a lot of really good provisions, too. The key thing is that Congress can still strengthen it—if there's a public outcry. But we don't have much time: Congress is expected to vote on this bill in less than three weeks.

Can you sign this petition to Representative Rob Bishop today? Eighty thousand MoveOn members have already signed. We need to double the number of signatures by Wednesday—that means we need 7 more signatures in Hyrum. MoveOn members will personally deliver this petition to many congressional offices the next day. Click here to add your name:

The petition says: "We need a stronger energy bill to fulfill Obama's vision of a clean energy economy. Congress should strengthen the clean energy standards and restore Obama's authority to crack down on dirty coal plants."

Congress must change the energy bill to require power companies to produce more clean energy for America. Wind and solar create more than twice as many jobs as coal and oil.3 And Congress needs to hold polluters accountable by restoring President Obama's current authority through the EPA to crack down on global warming pollution from power plants.


  1. I haven't read the bill, so I am just speaking to the principle involved. Similar to what I wrote a few days ago, that "Conservatives have never been warmongers", real conservatives (i.e those of the Austrian economic variety) have always supported charging the polluters for their pollution.

  2. Very good point, Frank. And thanks for the link to the post, I had missed that one, and I like it!