Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Health Care Live Chat with Howard Dean, Tonight 7pm

From the Inbox.

Recently, in addition to my role here at Democracy for America, I was honored to join the Board of Directors of the Progressive Book Club.

To kick it off, I want you to join me tonight, Tuesday June 9 at 9pm Eastern, for a live online chat.


You'll also be one of the first to hear about my new book: Howard Dean's Prescription for Real Healthcare Reform. After the call, you'll get an exclusive sneak peak and can download the first chapter free.

I won't just be talking about the book. I'll also have the most current news from Washington. We'll chat about what we can expect to see from the Senate this week. Who the leaders fighting for a public option really are and who aren't. And what's next in the Stand with Dr. Dean Campaign.

This won't be a one way conversation. I'll be answering your questions live, starting at 9pm Eastern.


  1. It such a great news that your launching your new book on health related topic.Before take any decision related book you should be take advice with your friends and all other so you can make sure it works or not.

  2. Haha I already know what itll say. Go to Europe and Canada those countries cover everyone. Coverage is not equal to treatment. Maybe instead of trying to sell a book howard should read the stories of the massive amount of people that die waiting for cancer treatment or even to see a specialist. European survival rates are much lower than the United States. Some countries mortality rates are greater than the birth rate! Canada has 1 MRI machine in Quebec ONE!!! But yes America has the worst healthcare in the world. What an insult to science and the healthcare providers that save lives everyday.

  3. It's funny that every time one of you morons comes in to drop a comment with such tales of rationing and how great our current health care system is, you can never provide a single link to back up the assertions you make.

    It's like being stupid is policy to wingnuts. And Glenn Beck leads you all...