Monday, June 15, 2009

Making Economic Policy Interesting

Sort of.

This exchange between Craig and Cameron is probably one of the most substantial debates on our economic policy I've seen in quite some time.

If this were happening in the House and Senate, imagine the progress possible.

Or maybe I'm just saying that because it's fun to watch my co-SideTracker hand a winger filled to the brim with the predictable talking points a good, ol' fashioned schooling in the science of money related thingamajigs and ideas.

Cameron too often reduces himself to the debate tactics of one out of his league of understanding, who has bitten off more than he can chew, but he's also presenting a adequate example of the "framing" on this issue that has become so conventional since Reagan that even liberal Democrats enjoying a majority status are still comparing themselves to it.

Democrats are still pitching their policies with "tax cuts" just to sell them, rather than working to redraw the definitions, and allow Americans to -- quite simply -- grow up and recognize the necessity, and even occasional benefit of taxation.

That's another rant, I suppose. For now, just enjoy this conversation.


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  2. I'll try again:

    I was wondering what you thought of last weekend's post by Bell that was later pulled down. Does this endorsement mean that you endorse that type of behavior, or don't you care?

    I know of J.M.Bell and I enjoy his blog, but Rob Miller is one of the major reasons I vote for Utah Democrats today. And, I can tell you that I would have a hard time taking anyone seriously who believed that type of behavior is becoming of a party chair.

    I can appreciate the debate, but that type of behavior doesn't cut it for me.

    What are your thoughts?