Friday, June 5, 2009

"Outside Groups" and The Price of Inaction

DFA in the inbox:

Reporters for Politico-com say the White House is leaving it to "outside groups" to carry the fight for a public healthcare option. Why does the President need DFA to get the job done? Because the President can pressure Senators in D.C., but he needs people on the ground in their districts proving he has America's support to get the job done.

Sign up for a delivery right now and you can download a handout with the President's statement, add your info in support and locate the Senate office closest to you. All you need to do is stop by their office during your lunch break, on your way home, or first thing tomorrow on your way to work. Most Senate offices even have a place you can leave your message if you stop by after hours -- so there's no excuse to not take action today.

The email reminded me of something I read at CAP yesterday, regarding the costs (both fiscal and social) of our current system, tying health care reform into deficit reduction.
Our analysis shows that the broken health care system will cost us between $124 billion and $248 billion in lost productivity this year alone due to the almost 52 million uninsured Americans who live shorter lives and have poorer health. In fact an analysis by the Institute of Medicine found that, “the estimated benefits across society in healthy years of life gained by providing health insurance coverage are likely greater than the additional social costs of providing coverage to those who now lack it.”

These findings are based on a 2008 analysis by the New America Foundation, which found that the national economic cost from lost productivity in 2007 was between $104 billion and $207 billion. Economic costs from lost productivity have increased by about 20 percent during the two years since the New America Foundation conducted its analysis. The low bound of this estimate represents just the cost from uninsured Americans’ shorter lifespan.
The CAP site is a great resource for more information, should you want to make yourself an "outside group" of one in this fight.

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