Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Rob Bishop Again Supports Torture Investigations

Not to be confused with supporting integrity, despite his use of the word.

Rep. Rob Bishop, R-Utah, argued a second time Tuesday that the House should appoint a special panel to investigate what Speaker Nancy Pelosi knew of alleged torture techniques and whether the CIA lied to her as she claimed.

But Bishop's resolution calling for a probe -- similar to another one he tried in May -- failed on a strictly party-line vote of 247-171.

Republicans have hammered Pelosi on comments she made in interviews and publicly claiming that intelligence officials misled her on the enhanced interrogation techniques used on suspected terrorists. At one point, the speaker said the CIA misleads Congress "all the time."

Bishop charged on the floor that her comments have tainted the reputation of the House.

"It is the integrity of the House that is in question here, and needs to be answered so decisions of this House will be considered without any other kind of question or implication," Bishop said.
Again, this is a very stupid move (twice now) on Bishop's part, assuming he hopes Republicans again one day win an election or two. Unless, of course, you are a Democrat hoping to see investigations into the authorization of torture.

Being one of those Democrats, I support the congressman in trying to score a few cheap political points against Pelosi. It's a baby step to a full investigation. And if we could trade Pelosi for the PR hit the GOP will take should a full investigation happen, it would be an investment in not only the rule of law, but future electoral gains for Democrats.

Go, Rob. Go.


  1. I'm sure you meant to say, partisan politics pales in comparison to the value we place on America's reputation as a nation of laws.

  2. If Bishop had shown any interest whatever in investigating or condemning torture while the previous administration was in power, I might have actually had a smidgen of respect for him. But, of course, he doesn't give a damn about torture, just getting the Dems. Hypocrite.