Tuesday, June 9, 2009

SC Gov: Washington Engineering Federal Takeover

Eeeegads, Mildred! DailyKos:

Yesterday, South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford officially applied for stimulus funds as he had been ordered to do by the state's supreme court in a decision upholding a vote by the state legislature requiring Sanford to use the funds.

After requesting the funds -- as ordered by both the state court and state legislature -- Sanford did the only natural thing for a guy in his position: he went on Glenn Beck's show to complain that President Obama was engineering a federal takeover of his state.

"I mean, why have a state legislative body, why have a governor," Sanford asked, "if Washington is deciding it all?"

Sanford is also now officially a hero to tea-baggers (and Mark Shurtleffs) everywhere, and will of course be a regular on Beck's show.

It's getting stupid. Really, really stupid.

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